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Like Never before

Sagebrush Life

Sagebrush invites you

Nestled on 400 pristine acres overlooking Nicola Lake, about ten kilometres northeast of Merritt and three hours from Vancouver, British Columbia, Sagebrush is a little different. Our tee times are written in sand, with only a handful of groups teeing off in any given hour, and we welcome your preferred pace of play on a links-inspired course that flows with the land’s natural contours.

We encourage you to flow as well. It’s easy when you can play as much golf as you wish, fly fish after the 12th hole, or experience all that the Nicola Valley offers, including natural beauty, hiking, swimming, kayaking and winery touring. We invite you to experience Sagebrush.

Sagebrush Life

Take your time

Previously available to only a select few, everyone is welcome at the new Sagebrush. Stay in one of our 2-bedroom cottages. Walk the surrounding trails. Dine on expertly prepared, locally sourced food at Fifty 120. Gather on our patios. Choose a single malt from the Scotch wall. Watch the sun go down. Light a cigar. Gaze into the stars. Savour a local wine at The Tap House. Visit, chat, converse, jest and otherwise socialize. Take your time. Enjoy yourself. Let Sagebrush work its magic.

Sagebrush Life

Dream a little

Sagebrush Life is just the beginning.  Today it’s golfing, fishing and great food.  Tomorrow, as we add new and exciting amenities, a visit to the spa will be a perfect indulgence after a morning hike or a rigorous fitness session with your personal trainer.  Or maybe you want to spend the day on the water, enjoying all that Nicola Lake has to offer.  No matter what your activity, the best part will be returning to your very own Sagebrush home (maybe it’s the one nestled high above Hole #2?).

Sagebrush Living…Like Never Before…Will Soon Be Here.

Sagebrush Life

See you soon

Sagebrush is committed to delivering a world-class experience in golf, hospitality and the culinary arts, and although we have won many accolades since opening in 2009, the most important accolade is the one we’re hoping to earn from you.

Sagebrush living begins soon.


Golf Experience

Designed by Canadian golf course architect Rod Whitman, with assistance from former PGA Tour Player Richard Zokol and agronomist Armen Suny, Sagebrush is a links-inspired Par 72 golf course that measures from 4,872 yards to 7,399 yards.  No matter what your skill level, Sagebrush will be a strong test for your golf swing and a visual feast for your eyes.  Since it opened Sagebrush has received numerous awards and accolades including:

  • Best New Course in Canada (Golf Digest 2009)
  • #3 – Best Modern Course in Canada (Golfweek 2012)
  • #85 – Top 100 Best Courses Outside the U.S. (Golf Digest)
  • #10 – Top 100 Courses in Canada (SCOREGolf)




Our approach to the culinary experience at Sagebrush is somewhat unique. Fifty 120, our restaurant in the Lodge, earns its name from the geographic coordinates of Sagebrush, and can best be described as rustically elegant. Locally sourced ingredients are a big part of our story, as prepared by our award-winning Chef Ian Smith. Dishes are perfectly paired with a selection from our large wine list that feature grapes from BC and around the world. Sagebrush is the place for food lovers to indulge. Join us for breakfast on weekends and lunch or dinner any day. Or simply sit on our patio under a million stars with a selection from our Scotch wall. At Sagebrush, it’s up to you.



The Tap House

In honour of the original visionaries who inspired Sagebrush, a visit would not be complete without a stop after the 12th Hole to visit what we call The Tap House (originally named Terry’s Hideout). Take your time. Choose from our selection of locally crafted beers or wines that are, of course, ‘on tap’. Sit on the patio. Fly fish on the private dock. Mostly, just relax. There are plenty of birdies and bogeys waiting for you when you are ready to resume play.




Why leave? Time stands still when you make it, and there is no better way to get away from the the hustle and bustle then to make your visit to Sagebrush last a night or more. We have 8 two-bedroom suites for nightly rental. Each unit includes a shared living area and two master bedrooms with king size or twin beds, both with ensuites. Sagebrush living begins here.


Hole By Hole

Course Tour

Hole 1
A generous par 5 to get you started, the opener is reachable for even the medium length hitter. Avoid the left side off the fairway as there is ample room to the right. The approach shot plays at least one club longer and must carry the large false front.
Hole 2
Tee shots 10 yards to the right of the big tree are perfect as the hole slopes significantly left to right and widens considerably at the bottom of the hill.  Big hitters can take it right over the top of the knoll on the right if they're feeling adventurous.  Approach shots must favor the left side of the green as anything right of the pin is likely bunker bound.
Hole 3
The left side of the right fairway bunker is the perfect line off the tee as everything feeds down to the left. Also, be careful of the devilish little pot bunker in the center of the fairway. Favor the right side of the significantly right to left sloped green.
Hole 4
Your choice!  Everything short is good as the entire hole slopes towards the green with no trouble in the front.  Unless you hit the ball extremely high, landing on the green will result in chipping back to the pin from the native grass behind.
Hole 5
A perfect risk reward tee shot here as the further right you aim it the better your angle of approach will be.  The safe shot heads right at the 150 rock on the left side of the fairway.  Anything short and left on the approach shot should run down the hill and onto the green.
Hole 6
If the prevailing wind off of Nicola Lake is up, that makes this hole play significantly shorter than the yardage.  Shots just right of the green should end up just fine.
Hole 7
Your ability to bomb it here will determine how much of the fairway bunker you wish to carry.  The conventional play is to the right of it with a little draw.  Second shots must be played right of the aiming rock on the left side at the end of the fairway.  Left of the rock is sagebrush and native grass is found just over the crest.  The telephone pole behind the green is the perfect aiming spot for the center of the green.
Hole 8
Right over the rock is perfect and anything 10 yards right or left will do.  The better miss is to the right as the entire hole slopes severely from right to left.  Approach shots must favor the right side as well.
Hole 9
The farther right you take it off the tee the more carry will be required and tee shots should go right at the pin. Regardless of pin placement the smart approach is over the front right bunker as everything feeds down to the left.
Hole 10
Downhill and with the prevailing wind behind you this hole tends to play shorter than the yardage.  Good news - there is a little more room to the right than you can see.
Hole 11
Aim it at the big pine tree on the right with a little draw to take advantage of the fairway slope.  Be sure to take enough club for your second to avoid the massive false front on the green.
Hole 12
A deceptive short par 3 with no bail out area to speak of.  The center of the green is an ideal target, as anything long or right is gone.
Hole 13
Your tee shot should favor the left side as anything short right of the bunker leaves an extremely difficult pitch shot.
Hole 14
The more you challenge the right side, the more native grass you are forced to carry. Second shots that favor the left side of the fairway, although more dangerous, open up the green for a pitch shot third.
Hole 15
The farther you hit it the narrower the landing area gets. Significant left to right fairway slope makes tee shots that favor the left side ideal. The uphill second to an extremely long narrow green generally requires an extra club.
Hole 16
The valley of trees on the mountain in the distance is the perfect line, and anything right of that will do.  The center of the fairway is actually 30 yards to the right of the cart path fence that is visible from the tee.  Your second shot need only carry the hill 50 yards short of the green and you're home in two.
Hole 17
Like #15, the farther you hit it the narrower it gets.  Generally the strength of the prevailing wind in your face will determine club choice from the tee.  No tricks here, ideally the left fairway bunker is the perfect aiming point.
Hole 18
Follow the contour of the land with a tee shot favoring the left side.  Anything right or long of the green on the approach is likely going to cause you trouble.


Getting Here

By Land. By Water. By Air.


The drive to Sagebrush is spectacular. Whether you are coming ‘up’ from Vancouver or ‘down’ from the Interior, the vistas and views will be distracting so please focus on the road and drive safe.

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Located 15 minutes from Merritt, take the Hwy 5A Princeton-Kamloops exit. Wind your way alongside beautiful Nicola Lake until you see the SB Marker. Sagebrush is located at 6280 Highway 5A, Quilchena, BC V0E 2R0

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Arrive at Sagebrush in a memorable fashion. Float plane, Helicopter. Corporate Jet. If you are interested in booking any of our aircraft for personal flight please contact us for rates and availability.

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Headquartered in Scottsdale, Ariz., Troon Golf is the world’s largest golf management company, with more than 250 golf courses in its portfolio located in 38 states and 31 countries. Considered by most as also the world’s number one golf management company, they provide best in class training and industry standards to each of the facilities they manage. Sagebrush is Troon’s first management project in Canada. To learn more visit www.troon.com


James Cronk

President – Newmark Golf Group

James Cronk is a business leader with over 25 years experience in leading teams and accomplishing objectives through creativity, passion and fun. His success as a manager and leader is evident in the recognitions bestowed upon himself and his teams; three times (and in two different industries) his organization and team has been recognized as one of the Top Ten employers in British Columbia, and the readers of Golf Digest, the golf industries foremost authority, recognized his facility as having the 5th Best Customer Service in North America. Among his personal recognitions; one of Vancouver’s Top 40 Business Persons under 40 and one of The Globe & Mail’s most influential people in golf in Canada. James has travelled the world sharing his best practices with club owners and managers, and is frequently called upon to provide his insight on the industry.



Scott Masse

General Manager

Scott Masse has over 20 years of progressive experience in the Hospitality sector as a business leader with accomplishments in management, marketing, sales, employee satisfaction, customer service and finance. During his career, Scott has helped develop some of Canada’s premier golf clubs and resorts including Westwood Plateau Golf & CC and Predator Ridge Golf Resort. Scott has built a reputation of professionalism, trustworthiness and reliability and he succeeds by bringing those qualities to his work each and every day.



Neil Pilon

Golf Course Superintendent

As a turfgrass professional with over 25 years of experience, Neil Pilon has always been passionate about the golf industry. With humble beginnings on the golf course, and graduating from Kwantlen University in 1997, he worked his way up through the turfgrass industry and has been a Superintendent for 15 years. Neil enjoys the day to day challenges of keeping the course in pristine condition for guests. His appreciation of nature and the environment is something that is showcased during the golf experience at Sagebrush. 


Ian Smith

Executive Chef

Born in Manchester England, Ian’s passion for food began at a very young age, helping and cooking with his Grandmother. It was her that planted the seed in his mind that nothing goes to waste, that every part of an animal or vegetable has a use. Having worked in a couple of humble kitchens, Ian realized very quickly that there was a higher level of cuisine to explore. After a brief interview, he agreed to sign his life away as an apprentice at Perkins Restaurant in Plumtree, Nottingham, voted the best restaurant in the Midlands, and amongst the best in England. Under the strict, military eye of his Mentor, Ian was exposed to the finest seasonal wild meat and seafood, with a deep respect for local producers and suppliers. Ian was told that the last thing you learn as a Chef is simplicity, letting exceptional produce speak for itself and this outlook on food has been brought with him to Canada. He has spent the last 8 years cooking in Calgary, with CA Restaurant Enterprises, developing the cuisine at Trib Steakhouse, Swine & Sow, and Murrieta’s where he has trained and inspired many local cooks, and delighted guests with his innovative dishes and dedication to his craft.




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